It’s A Wrap

Crazy Rhubarb Lady ornament

Crazy Rhubarb Lady ornament

Well, December has flown by so I thought I’d provide a quick summary of this month’s funny and crafty holiday highlights.  For starters, I ended up making a Crazy Rhubarb Lady  Christmas ornament with corresponding packaging for my friend’s annual ornament exchange. Previous ornaments can be enjoyed here and here.  Needless to say, Barb (I think we should call her ‘Barb’ since we don’t know her real name) was well received and her attendance at the party resulted in playing her video on the big screen so that everyone would get the joke. Truth be told, I was going to make a Sweet Brown ornament but changed my mind at the last minute. Perhaps next year Sweet Brown will roast chestnuts over an open “fahhhhhre.”

The Breakfast with Krampus festivities were a big success.  I partook in season’s beatings and crafts with Krampus. I also picked up a fun sticker book filled with a variety of vintage Krampus images.  It appears there will be another event next year and I am super excited to attend all over again. I even made the naughty list! I’m so proud!

Season's Beatings

Season’s Beatings!

Finally, I’ve continued to knit like a grandma on a bender. I even brought some yarn to parties to keep my hands out of the hors d’oeuvres while waiting to play Cards Against Humanity. There are just too many tasty and tempting things hanging around this time of year. It also makes for good conversation at said parties and while traveling so I’m just going with it.  I’m looking forward to learning some new knitting tricks after the holidays.

Stitch & Sip

Stitch & Sip

I’ve additionally been creative in the kitchen so stay tuned for some new recipes in the very near future! In the meantime, I’ll be staying out of the cold weather for a little while longer.



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