Picking Favorites


Today I’m supposed to tell you who my “favorite folk” are for Blog Every Day in November (#BEDN).  My mother was once an elementary school teacher and they used to tell her that she couldn’t pick favorites.  Well, when I used to work my summer job with kids at the town parks and recreation department and felt conflicted over preferring certain children, she informed me that whole “no favorites” theory was a bunch of crap. Apparently there are always a few favorites and a few assholes, but you just can’t make it obvious. She also warned me the asshole parents are usually worse than the asshole children.

Look, I get leery of public displays of affection and I know if I create a list of favorite friends and colleagues, I’m afraid I’ll accidentally leave someone important out. Then they’ll assume they are an asshole and I’ll have unwillingly hurt someone’s feelings. We have a local community of extremely talented, creative, and caring people. And a few assholes walk among us, so don’t make me choose.

Okay fine. I’ll appease you with an old favorite.


You totally thought I was going to post a pic of Sweet Brown, didn’t you?

Nope, this is Lurky, a character from Rainbow Brite.  I have a soft spot for him and his big phallic nose and cute sneakers. He’s also a little bit dumb and gets pushed around by Murky Dismal. Lurky is kind of forced to be an asshole but secretly doesn’t want to be one. When that cloud isn’t over his head he really, really likes rainbows.

So yes, in conclusion, Lurky gives me hope for the salvation of assholes everywhere.


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