Pigs in Space


I’m supposed to show you my workspace for today’s Blog Everyday in November (#BEDN) post.  Since I have no office right now and my apartment looks like the Trash Heap on Fraggle Rock, I thought I’d amuse you with what I envision as my ideal office space. And yes, that post title also bears reference to The Muppet Show as well as my stellar housekeeping. So what do you think about this as a potential workspace?


Perhaps this?


Maybe this?

Nevis Sunset

Oh yeah, Condé Nast, you can give me a jingle any time you like.

This is probably the most accurate workspace depiction:


And this probably bears the most resemblance to previous workspaces:

Monkey Nevis


Not really.

Okay enough about that. Here’s something even funnier. Last Friday I got a box from the old establishment – that “place that must not be named.” It contained the following items: a nail file, a perfume satchel, 12 old cough drops, an empty Archipelago reed diffuser, one Crabtree & Evelyn hand lotion sample, and one Band-Aid. All were lovingly packaged in bubble wrap like they were some kind of “Precious” from Lord of the Rings.

I found a great place for these glorious treasures from the ghost of workspace past:


Please bear in mind this is no reflection on the kind soul who probably packaged and sent these items to me. I’m certain he had the best intentions.

But, what, what in the?!?!?!?!


This is all I have to say about this matter.


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