Celebrate Kindness with Krampus

Krampus holiday card image from Wikipedia Commons

Krampus holiday card image from Wikipedia Commons

I know. You’re looking at that title and thinking, “Man, this Lady Sensory chick is whack.” Admittedly, I have a lot more free time on my hands to research things going on around these parts. Today’s Blog Every Day in November (#BEDN) post is dedicated to World Kindness Day. Certainly, there are loads of ways to be kind and find a way to give back. You could volunteer at a senior community, a soup kitchen, or certainly send some relief money to the Philippines because lord knows they need it.

With the holidays quickly approaching and the recent changes in my life, I’ve been looking for new and fun holiday activities that are also charitable. A friend posted a link to something called Breakfast with Krampus on Facebook. Β I have a twisted sense of humor and a low threshold for Jingle Bells, so I was immediately intrigued and wasted at least an hour if not more on “the internets” perusing facts and images of Krampus. Apparently, this Krampus character is some kind of European folklore beast that rides shotgun with St. Nicholas and takes care of the naughty children by licking them, beating them with a stick, and throwing them into burlap sacks. So if everyone acts kindly and behaves on World Kindness Day, then we won’t have to worry about anyone taking any abuse, right?

Wait. Why on earth am I posting about this stuff on World Kindness Day? I must be a deranged lunatic, right?

Nope. Breakfast with Krampus is actually a local fundraiser and toy drive for children in need being held on Saturday, December 7. The event is for people aged 16 and up and is all in good fun. It is free to attend, but they are raising funds to help pay for the Krampus costume, food, and other items needed for the day of the event. It is recommended that you bring one new, unwrapped toy to donate. Basically, if Krampus thinks your toy sucks, then prepare to be humiliated!

For those in the Rochester area, more information on how you can attend or volunteer (a.k.a. become a ‘Krampling’) can be found by visiting this website or better yet, watch the hilarious video on the indiegogo page.

Happy World Kindness Day. Now go out and make a difference in whatever way you see fit. Remember – Krampus is watching!

Krampus logo


6 thoughts on “Celebrate Kindness with Krampus

  1. Krampus encourages you all to come down and join us Saturday, December 7, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at MuCCC! Get your bottoms ready! (And please bring a toy for needy families.) But mostly be ready to get harassed. (And also come support local artists and crafters.) But seriously, I’m going to make fun of you. Licks and sticks — K

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