“List? It’s All Up Here.”

Elizabeth Taylor in the Cleopatra trailer. Wikipedia Commons.

Elizabeth Taylor in the Cleopatra trailer. Wikipedia Commons.

Today for Blog Every Day in November (#BEDN) we’re supposed to make a list of 10 things. Any 10 things.  One of my friends could give you fifty lists. She loves lists. Me? I don’t make lists because (pointing to my head), “It’s all up here.”

I have a grocery list I could share with you but alas, it only has seven things on it so I’d have to come up with three more.  Once in a while I’ll be out drinking and will make a list of YouTube videos I need to watch when I get home. Right now that features two items on it and I’ve already watched them.

I had a bucket list of travel destinations once, but lost it two computer crashes ago. I could put that together again but that seems quite comical in light of the present lack of employment…and it had about 35 destinations on it. Don’t make me whittle that down to 10. That’s just going to depress me.

How about this? Here’s my list of 10 lists I’d make if I actually liked making lists:

1)  10 people who need to be subjected to Whatever Happened to Baby Jane in real life.

2) 10 wines in 10 days. That should be both easy to accomplish and read.

3) 10 reasons why toxic jobs are like toxic relationships. Yeah, not so easy.

4) 10 things I want but can’t buy right now.

5) 10 things I’m going to buy as soon as I get a regular paycheck (yeah, this is probably the same list as #4. Cut me some slack. I told you I don’t make lists).

6) 10 annoying Facebook statuses requiring me to “hide” or “limit posts.” Yes, Bitstrips, I’m talking about you.

7) 10 of the worst selfies I can find on the internet.

8) 10 things I love about Elizabeth Taylor.

9) 10 weird or poorly written LinkedIn messages from people I don’t know.

10) 10 reasons I could probably work for BuzzFeed, based on 60% of the aforementioned on this list.

We good?



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