What A Friend We Have In Cheez-Its


Cheez-Its love me, yes I know…because my thighs tell me so….

I bet you think I’ve fallen off the wagon with the detox and that I’m shoving my face with Cheez-Its and wine after the day I’ve had.  This is not the case.  Tonight we’re talking crafts, not food…even if the crafts are food-inspired.  You may recall that in addition to my fine art background that I enjoy me some good old-fashioned arts and crafts.  About a month ago, one of my friends was turning thirty and decided to throw a Mustache Bash instead of a Dirty Thirty.  In case you haven’t noticed, we like themes.  I figured everyone would be bringing her a mustache something or other so I decided to make earrings of her favorite snack cracker out of Sculpey (polymer oven-bake) clay.  They have been a big hit. I have a way with Sculpey creations.  I’m already plotting what I’ll make for this year’s ornament exchange.

Enough about my awesome Cheez-It earrings.  You know what I really suck at doing? Knitting and crocheting.  When I was little I used to visit my grandmother in Rochester (ironically, where I live now) and beg her to teach me how to knit.  She was an amazing knitter so she had little patience for my clueless seven-year old attempts. But man, she could really whip off some creative placemats, sweaters and scarves.  Just after graduate school, I was working at the place where I pushed The Sensory Cart around and met a woman who offered to teach me how to crochet.  We spent three painful lunches together while I struggled with a few stitches. Nothing. How could a woman with so many “She’s Crafty” talents, genetics, and a strong aptitude for friendship bracelet-making fail at this handiwork?

So it’s that time of year again:  the time where my organization collects handmade red scarves and sells them on World AIDS Day to benefit the many people for whom we provide medical care and supportive services.  Yes, it’s Red Scarf Project time – and I feel sad that I can’t make any. The Red Scarf Project began several years ago when my predecessor and her mother had strong ties to the church and local community knitting groups.  They came up with the idea of red scarves because it was very similar to the AIDS Red Ribbon, promoted among their close-knit group (ha!), and received donations of scarves year after year.  I like to promote this project because it’s a nice way for people to give back to a greater cause through the use of their own talents.  Our organization primarily receives scarf donations locally, but last year we had a bunch of scarves come in from Nebraska which was kind of exciting!  Scarves can be any shade of red (variegated yarn is fine) and we are collecting them the week before Thanksgiving.  The sale will start December 1 and scarf prices (suggested donation) will be set between $10 and $25, depending on the detailed work involved in making the scarves.  Those interested are welcome to participate and more information including can be found here and images of last year’s scarf collection can be found here.

So if you’re hooked on crochet and have some red yarn around, consider getting creative for the holidays.  I promise not to needle any more of you knitters with my pitch.  Seriously, how many annoying puns can I put in this post?

Scarves from last year’s collection – as you can see, we welcome a variety of red shades!


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