I Struggle and Emerge


Since my idea of ingredient-mixing continues along the lines of: three shots of this, a dash of that, stir and enjoy, I thought we could talk about perfume.  Yep, we’re getting nerdy tonight.  This little ditty is all about what the perfumistas refer to as POTL: a cult-favorite, Luctor et Emergo, by People of the Labyrinths.  People of the Labyrinths is a Dutch fashion label and at the time that I purchased this perfume, it came with the funky mauve and silver silk scarf pictured on the left.  I’m not sure if it still comes with the scarf since I bought this five years ago while on ‘unenjoyment.’  Don’t judge.  I simply needed something to make myself feel better about my life.  Luctor et Emergo apparently means, “I Struggle and Emerge” in Latin.  Can you dig it?  Great.  Because we won’t discuss the other perfumes and samples that were also purchased that didn’t have Latin phrase-equivalents about conquering pathetic times.

Luctor et Emergo has been discussed at great length on many a fragrance site.  Like my old friend, Angel, it appears to be something one either loves or hates.  Those who don’t like it relegate it to the Play-Doh category, which I definitely detected in the Eau de Toilette version.  Those who love it, like myself, probably like the EDP (Eau de Parfum) and can wax poetic all day long about its cherry-tobacco top note, white flowers, and heliotrope, which are grounded by incense, hay, vanilla and woods in the drydown.  I would describe it as a comfort scent.  Despite the notes, which would imply cozy sweaters and chilly weather, it really works well on me in the summer.  In fact, I’m wearing it right now.  It’s a very, very dry fragrance on me and the warm, humid air brings out the hay and white flowers and I tend to get more compliments on it than I would in the winter.  I find its sweet, smoky, resinous nature to be grounding and slightly meditative, particularly in the evenings.  I don’t like it as much in cold weather, when the incense and woods seem to dominate everything else.  

This one doesn’t come cheap, in fact, it’s gone up quite a bit in price since I last purchased it.  I still have half of a bottle and have been doing a great job of hoarding it throughout the years.  I must say that my favorite part of the line is the body cream, which has really gone up in price since my last purchase due to its quality and the popularity.  The cream seems to bring out more of the hay and grassy notes, is extremely fragrant and emollient, and layers beautifully with any vanilla fragrance or the EDP, if you have it on hand.  POTL can be found online at luckyscent and beautyhabit.  You can get samples to try before you buy as well.  It took me about 3 samples before I finally committed to the full bottle.  For me, it’s not an everyday or signature scent, but I can’t imagine my fragrance collection without it.  So in that regard, I consider it very expensive aromatherapy.  Please pardon my nerdy fragrance babble.  Sometimes that happens when Lady Sensory comes in from the pool and gets into the gin martinis.


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