Today I’m guest-blogging on Over Coffee, which is the blog for the Ad Council of Rochester. Yes, sometimes I write about relevant topics that completely exclude exotic spices, baked goods, fancy cocktails, and strange dating prospects.

Over Coffee

When you think about the businesses you frequent, whether it’s your grocery store, physician’s office, or favorite watering-hole, are you aware of your surroundings, interactions, and the little details that keep you coming back?  A successful business likely understands the value of creating a positive customer experience through the planning and execution of a well-integrated brand.  The customer experience is much more than just customer service, it’s how the business expertly handles every interaction with their brand in mind.

A C Center, Inc., doing business as AIDS Care and Pleasant Street Apothecary, has embarked on a five-year strategic plan with goals that include growing our present HIV positive clientele in the Rochester, Finger Lakes and Southern Tier areas, and positioning ourselves to serve populations new to us.  Our patient-centered approach to care is unique and successful and will be the foundation for new health care delivery programs.  In recent months…

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