Nothing Comes Between Me and My Klein Curaçao


Abandoned lighthouse on Klein Curaçao.

When I went to Curaçao two years ago, I planned a boatload of day excursions to keep myself occupied.  Since I was staying at the Renaissance resort and casino adjacent to the Rif Fort, nothing appealed to me more than a day trip out to an uninhabited island located about eight miles off the southeast coast called Klein Curaçao, or “Little Curaçao.”  From what I recall, the day trip was in the $100 range and included a tasty lunch.  The boat ride left from Spanish Water on the main island of Curaçao and it took about 1.5 – 2 hours to get to Klein Curaçao.  The trip made me a little bit queasy as the boat hit the waves so I’d recommend taking some Dramamine if you are prone to sea-sickness.  Additionally, I was able to see some flamingos flying overhead (I never did get to visit the Curaçao Flamingo Sanctuary). Snorkeling equipment was available, and different boats offered diving excursions for those interested.  That was not on my personal agenda.  I came to see the abandoned lighthouse and shipwreck.  This was followed by reading and sunning myself.  Despite the fact that I reapplied sunscreen very liberally, I reached an obnoxious shade of deep pink that was strikingly similar to the color of the old lighthouse.  The entire island measures only about one square mile and is pretty flat so it’s very easy to walk around snapping photos.  Curaçao’s main island beaches are generally pretty rocky and Klein Curaçao does have its share of rocks and chunks of coral.  However, for the most part, the beach is composed of soft, sugary white sand and water that’s as stunningly azure as the island’s namesake liquor (Blue Curaçao).

There really isn’t much else to say about Klein Curaçao other than it’s definitely worth the trip if you’d like a relaxing day of sun, fun, swimming, photo opportunities, and barbecue at the beach.  I would totally do it again and would recommend the trip to others heading to Curaçao.  If you are a big party-pooper and don’t want to go but are kind of curious, you can simply live vicariously through Lady Sensory’s Klein Curaçao slide show below.

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