The Crazy Flamingo


Crazy Flamingos at the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo

Some of the ladies and I were chatting about our annual summer P-Ville weekend.  Never heard of P-Ville? Well, it’s short for Pultneyville, New York, and it’s a hamlet east of Rochester along the shore of Lake Ontario.  My friend’s aunt has a cottage there and every year we each bring a dish to pass and head out for a girls’ weekend of cooking, drinking, laughter, antiquing, getting some retail therapy time at the galleries and shops …perhaps dancing on couches to Brass Monkey, climbing on swing sets meant for children, and other acts which I cannot discuss.  They aren’t my acts and well, what happens in P-Ville stays in P-Ville.  I was thinking about cocktails that we could make as a ‘signature’ P-Ville drink. Various drink name ideas came to mind:

Brass Monkey (too obvious)

Missing Panties

Missing Flip Flop

Falling… On The Rocks

10 Cupcakes = Pregnancy

Clove Cigarettes Don’t Count Because They’re Tasty

Calamine Lady, The P-Ville Skeeter, or Where the Eff is the Screen on my Window? (take your pick there)

Better Served in a Glass than on the Counter or Floor

Mid-Life Crisis on a Swing

Real Women Eat Beef

and finally,

Sorry I Screwed Up The Couch Cushion

I settled on the drink below since we all seem to be in agreement on gin. I picked the name, Crazy Flamingo, because one of the P-Ville ladies loves flamingos and another gave me my flamingo stirring sticks.  So there you go.  I suppose you could call it a Cray-Cray Flamingo if you would like. This is an update on one of my previous posts on Hendrick’s Gin.  To make this, you will need to prepare a simple syrup which will follow the actual drink recipe.

Lady Sensory’s Crazy (Cray-Cray) Flamingo

** Update – as of 1/15/13, the Crazy Flamingo was a runner-up in the St. Germain 5th Can Can Classic cocktail competition.  Lady Sensory won a snazzy bike and now needs training wheels.

In a Collins or highball glass, mix the following (as a side note you could do this in a shaker and serve it ‘up’ martini-style):

Juice of 1 lime

1 part (use a shot glass) dry white wine (I used Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc)

3-4 teaspoons of Rose Water simple syrup (recipe below)

2 parts Hendrick’s Gin

1.5 parts St. Germain (Elderflower liqueur)

Stir well, fill glass to the top with ice

Top off with a splash of sparkling water, seltzer or club soda and stir again.

Garnish with a cray-cray flamingo stirring stick and several thinly sliced cucumbers.

Whoa, delicious. And pretty. This makes one big-girl drink or two mini-drinks.

Lady Sensory’s Rose Water Simple Syrup

Generally simple syrup is 1 part water and 1 part sugar but I like mine slightly less thick:

3/4 cup granulated sugar

1 cup water

Bring water and sugar to a boil and allow to reduce on medium low heat (takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes) and then add:

2 tsp Grenadine

1.5 tsp rose-water extract (note that this is extract which is more concentrated, and you will want to add it at the end so you don’t boil off the flavor)

3-5 drops of red food coloring depending on how pink you want your Crazy Flamingo (if you hate the idea of red dye then you can have a Crazy Albino Flamingo)

These go down smoothly and gin is strong; so be mindful of your tolerance and the company you keep when choosing to partake in a Crazy Flamingo….

Pretty in pink and also refreshing!


10 thoughts on “The Crazy Flamingo

  1. Abby MW.

    Fan-freaking-tastic!!!!! You are definitely in charge of drinks this year. I offer the following to the list of antics: lost my phone while swimming in a lake at midnight, grilling in the rain, where the hell is the a/c unit, I’ll die without a fan, and my personal fav…. The candy stripped restraunt.

  2. Hi there, a very good read and it sometimes just takes someone to post something like this to make me realise where I’ve been going wrong! Just added the site to my bookmarks so will check back now and then. Cheers.

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