Sippin’ on Gin and Juice….



Hendrick's Gin - photo directly from their Facebook page at so it will be easy for you to find it!


It’s Sunday Morning.  I’m thinking about the delicious cocktail I had last night and the one I am about to have this morning at Sunday brunch.

Don’t judge me.

Have you indulged in a tasty gin called Hendrick’s?  I’m generally a wine or wine cocktail girl but every now and then I like me a fancy cocktail.

My father, Crazy Bob, is more of a gin person.  He generally enjoys his martinis with Bombay Sapphire.  So on one of the rare occasions where we decided to have dinner and be civil to one another, I introduced him to a martini made with Hendrick’s.  He opted for the olives versus the traditional garnish of cucumber recommended with Hendrick’s but he was quite pleased.  For once I did something right and for once we agreed on something.  Go Lady Sensory!

The key characteristic that differentiates Hendrick’s from other types of gin is the addition of rose and cucumber.  That might sound off-putting to some who prefer the distinctive juniper bite of say, a Tanqueray or Gordon’s.  However, I invite you to try it anyway because you really don’t want to miss out on its smooth deliciousness and you may eventually find it to be a worthwhile and tasty component in certain types of cocktails.

Last night a group of girlfriends and I went to a local restaurant for cocktails and dinner and I selected one of these:

Herbs and Gin (adapted from Lento Restaurant)

2-3 tsp, fresh herbs, chiffonade and divide in half (bartender said he had basil, rosemary & parsley on hand, but use what you like)

1/2 lime, segmented

1/2 tsp – 1 tsp sugar, depending on your taste

2 oz Hendrick’s Gin

Tonic water

Take half of the herbs, sugar, and the lime segments and muddle in a shaker with a heavy spoon for a couple of minutes until the herbs are crushed and the sugar is dissolved. Add 2 oz gin and ice and shake well, strain into a Collins glass filled with ice, top with tonic water and stir a little. Garnish with remaining herb chiffonade. Drink up – it’s delicious and refreshing!

The cocktail I’m looking forward to this AM is a Pimm’s Royale at another local place, The Owl House, featuring Pimm’s no. 1, Hendrick’s, lemonade, cucumber, strawberries and champagne.  I’m additionally looking forward to their Eggs in a Nest sandwich and dishing with one of my favorite girlfriends.

I think I’m going to grab a bottle of Hendrick’s after I do my taxes today.  I’d like to experiment by whipping up a Rosewater simple syrup of sorts and play with some St. Germain. I’ll report back at a later date. Happy Sunday, kids! Make Snoop-Dogg proud!

Wax statue of Snoop Dogg at Madame Tussauds, Las Vegas, NV. I purposely cropped Lady Sensory sitting in his throne and her friend throwing gang signs. Some things really do need to stay in Vegas.


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